Roundtables are a form of commissioner service and supplemental training for volunteers at the unit level. The objectives of roundtables are to provide leaders with program ideas, information on policy and events, and training opportunities. It is a forum for sharing experiences and enjoying fun and fellowship with other Scout leaders. When skillfully executed, the roundtable experience will inspire, motivate, and enable unit leaders to provide a stronger program for their Scouts.



December, 2016

There will not be a December Roundtable because many people have a hectic schedule leading up to the holiday season. So, let’s take a month off and reflect on the past few months of Roundtables.

In September, we had 20 people discussing the impact of the changes in the Cub Scout Program one year after their implementation. Boy Scout leaders talked about the strengths of their units and what makes them attractive to new members.

In October, we had 20 people participating in discussions about the problems facing new Den Leaders and whether the Patrol Method was working in our troops.

In November, we had 12 people sharing some of their favorite places to take their packs and troops. It was amazing to hear how many great places are within a short drive.

 For more information about Roundtable please contact:

Dick Clarke

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Dick Clarke
Roundtable Commissioner