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Popcorn Sales

Scouts can earn their way to camp!

Selling popcorn is a great way to fund your Unit’s Scouting program for the year. It also gives Scouts pride knowing they earned their own way!

Important Research Information:

• 83% of people have never been approached to purchase popcorn.
• 4 out o4f 5 consumers buy when asked by a Scout in uniform.
• Only 10% of units have an annual plan and budget.
• Parents want to be educated in the return on their family’s investment of time

Reasons to Sell:

• Your Unit can raise enough funds for your whole year’s program
• All of the money raised stays local to support individual Units and Council Programs
• Boys build confidence & self-esteem, learn goal setting and how to earn their own way
• 4 Ways to Sell (Show and Sell, Show and Deliver, Take Order, and Online)
• Great prizes for your Scouts

Selling Methods

Show and Sell: This sale is designed to sell popcorn that your unit popcorn chair signs out and picks up at a council pickup location. Then, at a location of your choice, you and the boys from your unit sell the popcorn directly to the public.

Show and Deliver: This is the best way to increase popcorn sales. The boys in your unit take an order form and product door to door. The boy sells the product, delivers the product, and collects the money all in one trip.

Take Order Sale: The boys in your unit take orders on a form for the different varieties of popcorn and then deliver them to their customers. The forms are turned in and one unit order is made. The popcorn is picked up by the unit popcorn kernel and distributed to the boys who made sales.

Online Sale: Your Scout can sell online to help earn his own way and fund his Scouting adventures!

Be sure to sign your unit up for this year’s sale and don’t forget about the Popcorn Grand Kickoff on September 2 at the Framingham Elks, 450 Union Avenue in Framingham. Sign-Up Here!

The Biggest & Best Fundraiser of the Year

Every year, Scouts hit the streets selling popcorn in front of grocery stores, in their neighborhood and to friends and family. Scouts set popcorn goals to support their chosen activities for the year, to fund community service and leadership projects, to attend summer camp, or to travel to destinations near and far. Packs, Troops, Teams and Crews are an integral part in assisting each youth to fund their Scouting experiences.

Important Popcorn Dates:

  • September 2 Popcorn Sale Grand Kick-Off
  • September 3 Show-n-Sell Orders Due
  • September 13 Show-n-Sell Popcorn Pick-Up
  • October 31 Take Order Popcorn Orders and Prize Order Due
  • October 31 Unsold Show-n-Sell Popcorn Returned
  • November 15 Take Order Popcorn Pick-Up
  • December 1 Payment Due

Purpose of Selling Popcorn

Simple: you can make a LOT of money for your unit and it fits in well with the aims of the BSA.

Scouts can participate in a variety of ways:

Online Sales this is the best way to sell to your friends and family who live out of town. You can send emails to your customers asking them to purchase Trail’s End popcorn online. Friends and family can order year-round! If you need more popcorn, you can log onto and support your Scout.

Show-n-Sell your den, pack or troop gets permission to sell in front of a retail store or in the local mall. You set up a display with products for people to purchase as they walk by.

Take Order the most traditional way to sell popcorn; going door-to-door with the take order form, which you receive from your leader or council.

Show-n-Deliver you carry Trail’s End popcorn with you to show to your customers as you visit them. The customer is able to select the products he or she wishes to buy from your product selection.

If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to register for this year’s sale here.