Popcorn Sales

You’re Invited to the Regional Popcorn Seminar


Wednesday, May 4  – 6:00pm to 9:00pm

You’re invited to attend the 2016 Regional conference where you can learn first-hand how to improve your unit’s popcorn sale in order to fund your “Ideal year of Scouting” with one fundraiser.

By attending the conference you will:

  • Learn how to plan out your unit’s entire program year
  • How to set your unit’s budget and sales goal
  • Hear best practices from other leaders
  • See all the “new” technology improvements from Trail’s End
  • Learn all about the “new and improved” e-commerce site

The conference gathering will begin at 6:00pm so you can enjoy some light snacks and meet your fellow leaders.

The presentation will begin at 7:00pm sharp and will conclude by 9:00pm.

Conference Location: Camp Resolute, 75 Hudson Road, Bolton, MA 01740

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Annual Popcorn Sales

Each fall, Scouts hit the streets selling popcorn in front of grocery stores, in their neighborhood and to friends and family as part of our Annual Popcorn Sale. This program is a Council administered fundraiser designed to engage Scouts in the process of raising the funds that will support their unit’s program needs for the entire year. It also gives Scouts pride knowing they earned their own way!

Sign-Up now to be part of this year’s sale!.


Methods of Selling

Show and Sell:

This sale is designed to sell popcorn that your unit popcorn chair signs out and picks up at a council pickup location. Then, at a location of your choice, you and the boys from your unit sell the popcorn directly to the public.

Show and Deliver:

This is the best way to increase popcorn sales. The boys in your unit take an order form and product door to door. The boy sells the product, delivers the product, and collects the money all in one trip.

Take Order Sale:

The boys in your unit take orders on a form for the different varieties of popcorn and then deliver them to their customers. The forms are turned in and one unit order is made. The popcorn is picked up by the unit popcorn kernel and distributed to the boys who made sales.

Online Sale:

Your Scout can sell online to help earn his own way and fund his Scouting adventures

Important Popcorn 2015 Dates:

  • August 11 Popcorn Kick-Off (pick the date that works best for you)
  • August 31 Popcorn Kick-Off (pick the date that works best for you)
  • August 31 Show-n-Sell Popcorn Orders Due
  • September 1  Sale Officially Begins
  • September 12 Show-n-Sell Popcorn Pick-UpNote Date Change
  • October 30 Take Order Popcorn Orders and Prize Order Due – No Exceptions! (online)
  • October 30 Unsold Show-n-Sell Popcorn Returned to the Framingham Council Service Center
  • November 14 Take Order Popcorn Pick-Up Note Date Change
  • December 1 Payment Due

Register to Sell Popcorn

If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to register for this year’s sale here.