National Scout Jamboree

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July 16 to 28, 2017


The Knox Trail Council jamboree contingent will leave by chartered bus early on Sunday, July 16th.  Our tour will include historic points of interest in Gettysburg, and a full day in Hershey Park, near Harrisburg, PA.

The National Jamboree will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in southern West Virginia.  We will be encamped at the Jamboree from July 19th through July 28th.  On July 28th, we will return home via chartered bus and arrive in the local area late that night.


Scouts will be assigned to a Jamboree troop consisting of 36 Scouts and four adult leaders.  You will be a member of a patrol within the troop.  The Knox Trail Council contingent will consist of two troops.


There will be an Orientation meeting, Troop Organization Day & Shakedown Weekend – the dates will be announced as soon as they are finalized.  Attendance is mandatory.


Total cost will be $1,975 for Scouts.


Click Here to Make Jamboree Payment

Reservation Fee of $225 is due by March 30th to hold your space. The following are additional payments and due dates:

March 30, 2016              $225                 November 15, 2017        $125

April 15, 2016               $125                   December 15, 2017        $125

May 15, 2016                $125                  January 15, 2017            $125

June 15, 2016                $125                 February 15, 2017          $125

July 15, 2016                 $125                  March 15, 2017              $125

August 15, 2016             $125                 April 15, 2017               $125

September 15, 2016        $125                May 15, 2017                $125

October 15, 2016           $125

All payments are made online by clicking here. American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal and electronic checks are all accepted forms of payment.


Participating Scouts will have the option to participate in the Knox Trail Council Trail’s End Popcorn fundraiser. Scouts will get a credit for a percentage of the proceeds to apply to the Jamboree fees.


The Jamboree fee covers all transportation, tours, admission fees, meals, lodging, insurance, and patrol and troop equipment.  Your fee also covers the training weekend prior to the jamboree.  The only additional expense will be your personal equipment, uniforms and spending money.


Planning the Jamboree is very detailed. Payments for the Jamboree, transportation and related costs are made months before the actual trip and are often non-refundable.

Due to this, if for some reason you find that you are no longer able to attend the Jamboree, notice must be made in writing to the Council Service Center by email to

A $250 program cost recovery fee is non-refundable under any circumstance with the exception of those placed on a waiting list for which Jamboree space cannot be secured.

Additional fees you have paid will not be refundable unless we have a replacement. It is not your responsibility to find a replacement and spaces cannot be promised to others. Replacements will be found from an established council waiting list if one exists.

We appreciate your understanding.



This is the place to sign up for the 2017 National Jamboree!

To submit a NEW application, you will need your My.Scouting username and password.  If you do not have a My.Scouting account, please go to and follow the directions to create an account.


Click to Register for the National Jamboree

Please note:  Staff Registration is for National Jamboree Staff and not contingent staff positions.

If you need technical support, contact the BSA Member Care Services at (972) 580-2489.

Items to be sure of:

  1. The My.Scouting account needs to be in the name of the person attending the Jamboree, not the parent/guardian that is completing the application for a youth participant.
  2. The My.Scouting account you use should also be linked to your current BSA membership number.
  3. The membership number that you linked to your Jamboree application will be linked to the entire process, including your BSA Health & Medical Record.
  4. All applicants must have a current, non-expired, BSA membership.
  5. Use Chrome, Firefox or IE 10 or above to access the Jamboree application.  Other browsers may not be compatible with this system.