2013 Scouting for Food,
A National Good Turn

2013 Kickoff Meeting
Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 7:30pm
Nobscot Scout Reservation - White Lodge
Framingham, MA

Hunger is a severe problem in the United States for families with scarce resources. Children suffer most when limited family income must be used for other necessities such as housing. With the high cost of housing in our communities, this is a real everyday crisis. A well-balanced nutritional diet is not provided to tens of thousands of children right here in our communities. These families rely on local food pantries to provide them with a variety of food.

What is Scouting for Food?
The “Scouting for Food” campaign will involve a door-to-door food collection effort by Cub and Boy Scouts. Scouts will distribute doorhanger/bags on October 26 throughout their designated area. On Saturday, November 2, the filled bags will be collected by the Cub and Boy Scouts and brought to local food pantries, who will make the food available to the needy.

What is the Need?
Hunger hurts. Hundreds of families are now served by food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters in MetroWest alone. Hunger strikes all ages. The elderly, the disabled, the homeless, the unemployed, women and children all need food. It is estimated that 36% of the clients of the food pantries are children. This Good Turn is about “Kids helping Kids.” Food shortages abound. Over 24 agencies rely on our Scouting for Food to help keep their shelves full for the needy.

What is the Answer?
Hunger is a problem we can solve by working together. “Scouting for Food” offers a starting point to help our area’s food pantries supply of food. If we increase the amount of food available, more people can be helped and those on emergency food supplies can receive food more often.

What Can You Do to Help?
A great deal. Let your district executive know that your unit is willing to help our neighbors here in MetroWest. Together we can help ensure that no child goes to bed at night hungry.

For additional information, please contact
Margaret Casey or 508-872-6551 x220.

Unit Good Turn Reports
Units are asked to submit a short report on the results of their "Good Turn." Submit your report online.


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