2016 report to the commonwealth

Your Vote Matters

Tuesday, March 28, 6:30PM, at the Knox Trail Council Office. This coming Tuesday Knox Trail Council is having our annual business meeting and we are also voting on forming a new scout council. Yes “our meeting” and “we are voting.” Knox trail is a “we,” a volunteer led and driven organization with hundreds and hundreds of men and… Read more

3.9.17 Council Consolidation Question Of The Week: How Will A Combination Of Our Councils Affect Our Scheduled Activities?

Units have expressed interest in whether the proposed consolidation of the Knox Trail Council with the Old Colony Council would affect the activities which are presently “on the books” over the next year or two.  This includes Jamboree contingents, Philmont trips and scheduled Council and District events, such as camporees or Cub Scout activities. When considering the potential… Read more

2.16.17 Council Consolidation Question of the Week: What Happens To The Activity Fee My Unit Pays?

Question: If the two councils consolidate, what happens to the activity fees that my unit will pay? Good news! Both councils have fees that cover general liability and health/accident insurances.  In addition, the fees would continue to allow your unit to offer tent camping to all of our Scouts and leaders free of charge, with the consolidation broadening… Read more

2.9.17 Council Consolidation Question of the Week: Two Perspectives On Overnight Programs And Availibility

Here is a recent program-related Q&A followed by an article on program by Council Commissioner, Mark Niedzielski Question: Hello.  I received the mailing about the consolidation possibility.  One question I have is, how will this affect council-wide overnights?  I am thinking particularly about things like the Museum of Science or Paw Sox overnights that are council-wide.  It would… Read more

2.2.17 Council Consolidation Question of the Week: With the prospects for a much larger consolidated council, what types of new programs or activities might be offered to Scouting units that neither Old Colony nor Knox Trail now offer?

With a council with well over 300 Scouting units spread over 62 towns from Plymouth to Stow, the consolidated council would likely begin to offer enhanced high adventure programs which individually, the current councils cannot. These activities might include local, in-council mountain biking programs, treks to the Wisconsin Northern Canoe Base, the Florida Sea Base or the newer… Read more

1.26.17 Council Consolidation Question Of The Week:  Who Decides On A Consolidation?

With all the discussion, exploration, planning, and consideration of the possible consolidation, the question arises: “How is this decision made?” There are two organizations involved in the current consolidation discussion, Old Colony Council and Knox Trail Council.  Both councils have to approve a consolidation in order for the consolidation to move forward. Scouting is a volunteer driven organization… Read more

1.19.17 Council Consolidation Question Of The Week: Why Merge Now?

Why merge now? Any proposed consolidation of “peer” Councils should be evaluated by whether the resulting entity will better perform the functions of a Council to the youth within the resulting area.  Since the beginning of Scouting in the United States, the BSA has provided the scouting program to units through local, nonprofit Councils having three basic functions – establishing… Read more