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3.9.17 Council Consolidation Question Of The Week: How Will A Combination Of Our Councils Affect Our Scheduled Activities?

Units have expressed interest in whether the proposed consolidation of the Knox Trail Council with the Old Colony Council would affect the activities which are presently “on the books” over the next year or two.  This includes Jamboree contingents, Philmont trips and scheduled Council and District events, such as camporees or Cub Scout activities. When considering the potential… Read more

john adams courthouse

An Invitation From Director of Education and Public Programming for the Supreme Judicial Court Of Massachusetts

Dear Knox Trail Council Scout Masters, The historic John Adams Courthouse, located at One Pemberton Square in Boston and between the State House and Government Center, is the headquarters of the Massachusetts judicial branch.  This year we are reaching out to scouting organizations to make them aware of this free civic and field trip destination.  As a BSA… Read more

2.9.17 Council Consolidation Question of the Week: Two Perspectives On Overnight Programs And Availibility

Here is a recent program-related Q&A followed by an article on program by Council Commissioner, Mark Niedzielski Question: Hello.  I received the mailing about the consolidation possibility.  One question I have is, how will this affect council-wide overnights?  I am thinking particularly about things like the Museum of Science or Paw Sox overnights that are council-wide.  It would… Read more