We are sure you are all aware and have seen the news reports about the Asian longhorned beetle being found in Worcester and its devastation on the communities it infests. As a result of this pest and the dramatic impact it could have on our camping operations at Camp Resolute and Nobscot Scout Reservation the council has enacted a policy, effective immediately, prohibiting anyone from bringing firewood onto our camp properties. This wa necesary because moving infested firewood spreads the insect to new locations.


The attached memo will be sent with every camp reservation form, copies will be prominently posted in the council service center and at each camp, it will be placed on our council website and it will be in the next edition of the council newsletter. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to educate our Scouts, leaders and other users of our camps about this policy and why it was enacted.
Read the memo regarding this policy.


To learn more about the Asian longhorned beetle and the potential damage it could do to our camp's ecosystems visit http://massnrc.org/pests/linkeddocuments/pestalerts/ALB_Aug2008.htm




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