Consolidation Information

About the Consolidation

For a period of months, the executive boards of the Knox Trail Council and Old Colony Council have been independently discussing the advantages and challenges of potentially pooling resources with a neighboring council. After open and honest discussion with several of our neighboring councils about our mutual needs, objectives, and goals for the families we serve, both Executive Boards of the Knox Trail Council and the Old Colony Council have decided to move into more serious discussions.

The purpose of this consolidation would be to create a new council that would enable Scouting to thrive in the 64 communities currently served by our two councils, growing our membership over the next several years, while offering outstanding camping, advancement and leadership development programs. A consolidation would result in more operating efficiency, thereby freeing up personnel and financial resources that can be reallocated to serve our unit leaders, youth and their families.

Both councils have contributed volunteers to a consolidation committee charged with exploring the goals and logistics in a more detailed way. This stage is expected to take some time and will include presentations in each district of both councils in order to get your input and answer your questions. We also encourage you to submit your own questions and insights about the opportunities a consolidation might present.

Next Steps

The councils will be scheduling a series of presentations in each district early in 2017. The purpose of these chats will be to listen to members’ questions, share ideas for improving combined program operations, give open and honest feedback, and provide a transparent accounting of the consolidation process to the Scouting community.

Staying Informed

As this process progresses, all updates will be made available on this page. In the meantime, please address any questions to one or both of the following email addresses:

Email Questions to Knox Trail Council

Email Questions to Old Colony Council

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